Fetch A Friend Rescue


Living in Waterloo we'd heard about a new dog rescue (FAF) opening up in Seneca Falls. Our life had changed somewhat and we started thinking about adopting after four years of not having a dog in the house. We found a picture of Jack on the FAF website and fell in love with his block head! We set up a time with Jamie to "visit and see", which ended up as "see and take home!" Since then he's come out of his shell and slowly over the past three years his true personality has come forward. He loves his human family especially his "brothers". He's ready at a moments notice to hike a mountain, walk a trail and go for car rides. (Especially if there's a pit stop for ice cream!) He will, however, be the first one on the couch or bed and let you know it's ok to just relax. One and a half days a week he goes to Phoebe's Day Care. He knows instinctively these days and gets right out of bed and is ready to go hang with his buds. It's been wonderful to see him conquer his fears and become the dog he was meant to be. Can't imagine our life without Jack. To FAF and all the people who work fearlessly in rescuing, fostering, transporting, training, etc. to bring these fur babies to their forever home ! Thank you.

We adopted Cooper (formerly Chaz) from Fetch a Friend almost 1 year ago and my how our lives have been changed! He spent all of one night sleeping in his crate and I can tell you him and his brother are kings around here. He quickly adjusted to his life of comfy beds, couches, snacks and TOYS! Coop had always known the true value of a good game of fetch! He wishes it would never end 🙄. This summer Cooper experienced a lot of firsts! He got to help garden and was very proud of his accomplishments digging in the dirt. He got to travel, go hiking, play in the woods and even learned how to swim! The best part of this year has been watching the bond of our family grow. I am grateful everyday that each event in my life, no matter how small has led me here. Here’s to a million more puppy kisses and forever taking up the whole bed! ❤️

This is Apollo James, formerly known as Jake. He has been the best addition to my family. He is the biggest cuddle bug ever and also possibly the loudest snorer in the history of dogs. He LOVES squeaker toys, long walks and loves car rides. After having Apollo for 6 months we moved into my boyfriends house which meant Apollo gained a brother. They have a love, hate relationship. Apollo always just wants to sleep and Bo likes to try to wake him up so that they can play together.
I don't know what I'd do without Apollo James. I may have rescued him, but he surely saved me.

It’s been 7 months since my new family rescued me courtesy of my friends at Fetch a Friend! It didn’t take me very long to fit in and I attached to my humans pretty quickly; I always like being wherever they are. When they have to leave me alone, I use my howling techniques in hopes that they will hear me and come right back (which they always do)!
My new home includes a big yard to run around in - there are lots of bunnies and squirrels for me to chase (at record speeds)! I even have a brother, a small curious furry guy with a goatee that goes by the name of Kirby. We haven’t quite figured each other out yet, but I have a good feeling about him.
For the first couple of weeks in my new home, I was not so into treats or toys, but boy has that changed! I’ve learned lots of fun things and I think I am finally getting the hang of this whole “dog” thing. I discovered my favorite toy of all time; my pink ball. It smells of delicious bacon and makes a delightful squeaky sound when I chew it.
I get really excited when my parents tell me that we are going somewhere. I always hope that it’s either the trail, the lake, or to visit with my other family members. I’ve tried swimming, but it’s not my favorite. My parents tell me that the water is not as scary as it looks but I’m not so sure – I prefer to watch from the sidelines.
I have also recently discovered this fun white fluffy stuff that falls from the sky. I love to jump around in it and search for my ball that my parents have hidden in it.
My most favorite activity of all is lounging and cuddling with my humans. They have bought me various dog beds, but I prefer to lay on the couch or in their bed right next to them.I can’t thank Fetch a Friend enough for finding me the perfect fit! I hope that my other canine friends I met in my short time there are having the same luck as me!

We wanted to adopt an adult dog. Our teen girls had selected four on Petfinder and asked to visit Cowboy first. He rolled on his back for a belly rub and won us over within seconds! The poor guy had suffered through a move up from the south, heart worm, lung worm, roundworm, and pneumonia from mega esophagus. He is now healthy and loves going for walks around town, rides in the car, hikes in the woods, and lots of attention, which we are all happy to give him. Cowboy is such a sweet and lovable guy and a wonderful addition to our family!

We had been looking for a dog to add to our family but hadn't been having any luck. When I saw Mila (Shea) on the website I had a great feeling about the adorable pup who needed a family. It had been a crazy year and we all needed some positivity and happiness. We went to visit and instantly fell in love. Mila was perfect. She was very shy and scared at first. We even had to carry her into the car. But once we got home....and survived an escape trick from Mila resulting in a tour of her new town....she warmed right up. She has helped welcome the happiness in. She is such a happy and loving dog who loves to cuddle (can you say bed hog and snores like a freight train), run and play, chase sticks, play in the snow, run with the soccer team and makes everyone she meets smile. I often take her to our business and she has become so sociable and loves greeting everyone - especially those who bring treats. She even loves her sister cats and they are slowly warming up and realizing she doesn't want to eat them, just play. She loves toys so much! Especially her favorite fish given to her by Fetch A Friend at adoption! Our family absolutely adores Mila. She is everything we hoped for and we can't imagine our home without her. We are certainly the lucky ones!

We drove 3 hours to come and see this little bulldog “Darcy”. We weren’t sure what to expect as this would be our first dogo as a little family. As soon as we saw this energetic happy little beefy meatball we knew we couldn’t leave without bringing her home with us! It was absolutely love at first sight. On our way back home to Buffalo we stopped in Rochester for Pauls tattoo appointment. Lola came into the shop and everyone LOVED her she was in heaven with all the attention and treats. Lola loves to go rollerblading with her momma and come lift at the gym with her parents! She is very active and everyone at the gym loves her! Lola is stubborn at times, can sleep all day if we let her, steals the covers, loves car rides and has the stinkiest toots. Words can’t even describe how much we adore her. We couldn’t imagine our life without Lola. She saved her momma, from depression and crippling anxiety. Thank you for saving me, for making me step outside and get fresh air multiple times a day, for giving me something to wake up for. For making me smile when I want to panic. I look forward to coming home everyday to see your cute little wiggly bum get so excited when you see me. You’ve changed our lives and we couldn’t be happier 💕 - love momma and daddy

“We adopted Bowie (formerly Ollie) almost a year ago. He came to Dewitt Animal Shelter as a stray from Syracuse. Bowie did fine on his own, but because of how playful and friendly he is, we decided that he could use a friend. So in June, we adopted our Casey, who was also found in Syracuse. They look very much alike, have the same blue eye, and we like to think maybe they were separated at birth! They are completely inseparable and do everything together. Sleep, walk, play, snuggle. You’ll never see one without the other. We are so happy they are both in our loves and couldn’t imagine life without them.”

I have always been lucky to have had dogs in my life since childhood. When I was out of college, I decided I was ready to get my own dog. I did a lot of research and loved the Alaskan Klee Kai for apartment living. I invested my time and money into a beautiful Alaskan Klee Kai that I named, Mochi! Although, she was am amazing dog- my time with her was cut short and she had to be put down only after 5 years with her. I attribute her small life span to the breeding process that goes along with these types of animals. Devastated, I decided I was only going to rescue from now on. I finally purchased a house with a fenced in yard and decided to go for a medium size dog around 40-50 pounds. I did my homework and have found that black dogs are not as adoption friendly so that was my motivation to find a black rescue dog. I looked at a couple rescue options but decided Fetch a Friend's mission statement was admiral. I met Quinn and realized I couldn’t leave without her. I made a video her first day to the house and her excitement of her own back yard made me tear up, as she ran the perimeter over and over- you could tell she finally felt at home. Quinn is very hyper with many puppy qualities and I realized she needs another dog to keep her occupied. I returned to Fetch A Friend and met Bloom, which we renamed her to Blu. Blu was very active with Quinn and I thought they were a perfect fit. Blu was returned twice to the rescue, but I have much experience with dogs and thought I could handle her. She gave us many problems at first fighting over toys, food aggression, and not liking any male figures in the house. Fetch A Friend was right there with me offering resources like a trainer to come to the home and help. It was recommended we removed the toys and feed the dogs separately. Blu also learned to trust men with the help of Quinn. At times they could be challenging together, but now they can’t be separated and love playing with toys in a neutral zones like the back yard. Blu always is very cautions in life and is very timid to new things, but if Quinn does it first Blu is close behind her. I tell people it’s not always the dogs’ actions that need to be corrected but the owners as well, thus requiring a special amount of patience. Any rescue dog takes at least 6 months to trust and learn that this is forever. Then the real fun and training takes place. Blu didn’t even know the word walk now she carries her leash and harness to you when she wants to adventure out at the mention of car or walk. It’s an amazing feeling the day you realize they 100% fall in love with you. Thanks to Fetch a Friend for helping me to welcome this amount of love into my life.

Little Lukie is one of the goofiest dogs I’ve ever met. He’s the happiest thing on the planet. Luke’s favorite activities are car rides, hiking, and napping. His favorite place to be is on the couch with the people he loves. It doesn’t take much to keep him happy, he just loves everything and everyone. Luke loves to cuddle, I’m convinced that if I sat on the couch forever he’d definitely sit with me and never even have a thought of leaving. Luke has been such a great addition to our family, he makes us laugh with his antics. We love him so so much. Thank you Fetch A Friend for bringing my best bud into my life! 💕

“Zach and I had been together for a year and a half. We had both grown up in homes with Labradors. Zach was putting up a rustic sign cut into the shape of a Lab. We spent the next 6 hours searching for lab puppies online. One of our family friends just happened to be trying to get rid of their 9 month old lab puppy "Bella". She made our house a home.
She was lonely and bored though. After months of persistence Bella and I finally convinced Zach that Bella deserved a friend, contingent on it being a male lab around 2-3 years old.
I started looking on Petfinder. There were 37 Matches! At first I thought "Well how could I ever choose just 1?" I started reading the dogs stories. Then I came across Busters.... I started crying. I wasn't even half way through the 37 dogs, but I just knew I had to show Buster what love was.
With Busters first interactions with any males coming into our home, it became quiet apparent that Buster had been abused. You could see the fear in his eyes and it broke my heart. I occasionally babysit, and Buster used to guard the kids like they were his own. Zach and I have since relocated to Virginia. Buster went from barely allowing Zachs dad on our porch, down to only 2 barks at a new male and then immediately they were friends. Bella and Buster chase each other around our house as much as possible. Zach and I just purchased 10 acres. We take them over as much as we possibly can to run. Buster just completes our family, there is no love quite like the love of a rescue dog.

Hunter started rescuing us over a year ago shortly after we lost our six-year-old JRT to a neurological disease. We weren't sure we were ready and were only going to meet him but he burst into the room like a bolt of joyful energy. Honestly, there is a not a person that Hunter with his loving, goofy exuberance, cannot win over (or if there is we haven't met them yet). He is a super-smart, active triple-terrier mix, so we do our best to keep him engaged and learning! He even gets fed with puzzle boxes or toys which also helps curb his tendency to inhale his food. He loves going on walks, playing with other dogs, tricks, agility and swimming! He is also obsessed with pulling sticks out of the lake. He goes to Day School at No Barks About It twice a week and absolutely loves interacting with all his canine and human friends there! He has managed to get on honor roll once and t hey even use him for evaluations of incoming dogs. He brings us joy and love beyond measure.

I adopted Paisley almost two years ago,and she literally hasn't left my side since. She spends her weeks going to work with me at Thirsty Owl Wine Company as the Vineyard pup and spends her weekends adventuring with her family. Her favorite hobby is swimming and she also loves to retrieve ducks during the hunting season and go horseback riding with her larger 4 legged family members. Thanks to fetch a friend, she was able to trade in her old life for the best life a pup could ask for.

In February our rescue pup Jax suddenly passed away. We were completely heart broken and not sure if we could open our hearts to love another dog the way we loved Jax. Then Duke (formerly Olaf) came into our lives. We were nervously sitting in a room waiting to meet him when he walked in very softly and cautiously. He very carefully came over to me and laid his head on my lap. He then walked over to my boyfriend and sat at his feet. We instantly knew we couldn’t leave the rescue without him. He needed a home and someone to love him, just as much as we needed a dog to love and help mend our hearts. It only took a few weeks for Duke to realize we would never give him up and he came out of his shell. He is now the most energetic and playful pup. He loves to go for walks, to the lake, go on vacation, play with his friends, cuddle, give hugs and eat. We are so thankful Duke came into our lives when we needed him the most.

Frank is the dog we never knew we needed! He is full of energy and keep up with the kids, then snuggles right up whenever he has the chance. The kids have to see him as soon as they get home everyday! He’s become an integrated part of the family! We are so lucky to have found him at Fetch A Friend!

We adopted Bob from Fetch a friend rescue June 2017. Our old boxer had passed 2 years previous and we knew we wanted another but wanted to help a pup in a rescue. We traveled from Belleville Ontario Canada to get him. He and my son are best buds and he is very well behaved. He is a source of great entertainment and security for us. We love our Bob with all our heart!

Sampson is a 136 pound St.Bernard/Lab baby that believes he is a lap dog. He does not realize that he is huge and does not care. If someone is sitting or laying down, he has to be sitting or laying on them if he can. He is on the lazier side and loves lounging on the couch, our (now his) ottoman or our bed. He will run and play, however; it doesn't last long because he demands that we pet him.
We rescued a kitten about a year ago and she (Luna) and Sampson became instant friends. He is a gentle giant with Luna. Together they snuggle, groom each other (she cleans his jowls) and get into trouble together. Sampson also loves spending time with his best bud Harry (Irish Setter), swimming, going to his summer cottage, playing in the snow, going for ice cream, car rides, watching for the neighbor on the back porch so he can get treats, Barkbox day and watching Pit Bulls and Parolees, Animal Planet, Cops and/or Live PD. Around Christmas time he loves when there are Santa Paws marathons. Although at times he can be pretty slobbery, he fills our hearts with love and joy every day! Thank you Fetch A Friend Rescue for taking such good care of him until we came along.”