Fetch A Friend Rescue

Each of our adoptable dogs live in our care and are worked with and socialized on a daily basis. They are tested around cats, other dogs and children. They have lived at our boarding, daycare, training and rescue facility where we have worked to fully assess them so that we can help you make a perfect match with your new companion. We help you and/or your family find the perfect new dog that fits your lifestyle, activity level, home environment and personality.  We pride ourselves on working closely with you to not only find the perfect dog, but to provide service and care for you and your new companion after adoption.


-Applicants must be 21 or older

-All current dogs in the home must be spayed/neutered

-Applicants must complete the adoption application in full below:

Adoption Application. 

It usually takes 1-2 business days to completely process your adoption application. Please allow us time to contact your vet and personal references. Upon completing an application, please contact your vet's office and allow us permission to speak with them.

Available Dogs


AGE: 4 Years
SEX: Male
WEIGHT: 50 Pounds
BREED: Pit Bull 
DOGS:? Yes
KIDS:? Yes
DIET: Taste of the Wild

ABOUT: Handsome Harvey is pure perfection! Harvey is the most passive boy you will ever meet! He loves everyone and everything! Harvey was surrendered to dog control with his housemate by his not so great owner. Unfortunately his friend was sent to another rescue and they were split up. Harvey has been very depressed without his canine companion. He plays great with everyone he meets so he is making lots of new friends here, however he would love a friend in his new home to snuggle with! He was raised with young kids and cats and does great with both. Harvey is housebroken, crate trained, not a barker, enjoys playing tug of war, rides well in the car, walks well on a leash, basically perfect in every way and a total catch! You would be very lucky to have such a great pup by your side!






AGE: 9 Months

SEX: Male

WEIGHT: 50 Pounds

BREED: Rottie/Pit Mix

DOGS:? Yes does great outside of the home


KIDS:? Yes

DIET: Taste Of the Wild

 Dry Food

ABOUT: Handsome Archie is an exuberant baby boy looking for an active family with lots of time for playtime! Archie will benefit from trips to the dog park or doggy daycare, a jogging partner, or hiking adventures! He loves to be outdoors and loves to be with his people and other dogs. Archie loves everyone he meets and is a real love bug! He loves toys, going for long walks and meeting people!

Archie is neutered. microchipped, heart worm negative and current on vaccinations & parasite preventions.


AGE: 3 Years

SEX: Male

WEIGHT: 50 Pounds

BREED: Pointer Mix

DOGS:? Non dominant females the same size or larger


KIDS:? Yes 10 and up

DIET: 4 Health Chicken & Vegetable Grain Free Dry Food

ABOUT:Handsome Ozzie comes to us from South Carolina! A local transporter pleaded with us to take him in after he met and fell in love with him on a visit down South. Ozzie was in a crowded shelter with 700 dogs and didn't stand much chance at adoption. He was a staff favorite and won over everyone he met! Now in NY, he continues to win over everyone he meets with his charm! Ozzie is a sweet, smart boy who loves to play! He will need a home with lots of durable toys ( no stuffing toys please!) He loves to play fetch, walks well on a leash, is housebroken, crate trained and an all around fantastic pup! He loves to go for car rides too!

Ozzie is neutered, microchipped, heart worm negative and current on vaccinations & parasite preventions.


AGE: 1 Year

SEX: Male


BREED: American Bully

DOGS: Yes- females!



DIET: Taste Of the Wild

ABOUT: Titus is a big beefcake and a very happy boy! He adores every person he meets and never stops smiling! At 71 pounds he is still growing and not done yet! He is a pretty mellow guy and not overly active. He is a big boy however and thinks his main job is to be a lap dog! He enjoys long walks, chasing butterflies, playing with other larger female dogs, and snuggling as much as possible! Titus is clean in his kennel, loves car rides, and giving out lots of kisses!



AGE: 6 Years

SEX: Female

WEIGHT: 8 Pounds (but need to gain 4-5 more!)

BREED: Japanese Chin/Shih Tzu Mix

DOGS:? Yes

CATS:? Yes

KIDS:? Yes

DIET: Fresh Pet

ABOUT: Gertie was found in the city of Auburn and was not reclaimed. She was a filthy matted mess, her nails were grown into the bottoms of her feet, and underneath all of that fur was a very underweight little girl. Once cleaned up, Gertie changed instantly into a very happy little girl!  She loves people and kids! She really enjoys car rides and going for walks. She is housebroken but will also use potty pads when needed. Gertie would be an excellent dog for an older person looking for a calm quiet companion!

Gertie is spayed, microchipped, heart worm negative and current on vaccinations & parasite preventions.


AGE: 5 Years

SEX: Male


BREED: Shih Tzu







AGE: 2 Years

SEX: Female

WEIGHT: 60 Pounds

BREED: Pit Bull Terrier

DOGS:? Gets along with smaller dogs


KIDS:? Yes

DIET: 4 Health Chicken & Vegetable Grain Free Dry Food

IDEAL HOME: Pua is a super smart, lovebug who loves to be with her people. She is looking for a home where she will not be alone more than a few hours a day. She does best in a hard plastic crate when left alone. She was likely chained outside and used for breeding purposes. She loves people so much now that she does not enjoy being away from them. She adores kids of all ages so a stay at home mom would be ideal. She loves to ride in the car so she may even like being a road dog with a trucker! She is a couch potato and a snuggle bug, but she also is an excellent jogging partner! Pua is housebroken and loves to play with her toys.

Pua is spayed, microchipped, heart worm negative and current on vaccinations &
parasite prevention's.

ADOPTION FEE: $0 Sponsored Adoption



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